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March 29–31, 2022

Event Recap

At Virtual WOW Summit…

We had such an amazing time celebrating our ninth annual WOW Summit! This year, from March 29–31, 2022, hundreds of moms tuned into WOW Summit ‘22 Virtual to hear from inspirational speakers, meet with better-for-you brands in the Virtual Exhibit Hall, and so much more. 

From learning about the Danish way of parenting to nurturing your family’s health through functional medicine, attendees were inspired by new ways to raise happy and healthy families. This year, WOW Summit offered a Blogger + Influencer Track with specific sessions throughout each day of the event for both new and experienced content creators. Once again, the virtual format gave attendees flexibility in viewing and left moms feeling empowered to make healthier choices.

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Our Speakers

Speaker Topics

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Elisa Song
Nourishing Your Child’s Gut: For a Healthier Brain, Immune System, Sleep and Behaviors

Your child’s health and wellbeing starts in their gut. As parents, understanding the importance of gut health is key to supporting your child through all stages of life. Learn how you can nourish your child’s gut from integrative pediatrician Dr. Elisa Song. She shares more about the gut-brain connection, functional foods and practices to support a health gut, and so much more.

Speakers: Jennifer Snyder
Strategies for Finding Peace in the Chaos of Kids

Keeping your house clean and organized with littles can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Hear tips and strategies on how to manage the mess from Certified Professional Organizer Jennifer Snyder of Neat as a Pin. From baby to teen, she breaks down the best ways to teach your kids how to keep a clean home and manage the chaos that comes with clothes, toys, school, and more. 

Speaker: Natalie Kra
One Step Closer to a Circular Economy

It has become more and more clear that creating a circular economy is crucial in the fight against the climate crisis. But what is a circular economy, why is it important, and how can parents support this movement? Hear from One Step Closer’s Sustainable Packaging Fellow Natalie Kra about how we can use our dollars, voices, and communities to create a more sustainable world. 

Speakers: Salah Hammad
Bioengineered is the New GMO: What You Need to Know About the New BE Label Law

In January of 2022, the USDA updated its labeling standards to list “bioengineered” ingredients. But what is a bioengineered product and why is it important to pay attention to them? Hear from the Non-GMO Project about this new food labeling term. Learn what bioengineering is, what the new label means, what parents need to look out for, and more in this eye-opening session.

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