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Jaren Miller, 1 month 1 week ago

“It’s been absolutely awesome. Super great engagement with moms. We’re really excited about what we’re going to get out of this event, and future Moms Meet events.” – Jared Smith, VP Sales, KOE Kombucha (WOW Summit 2018)

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Annie Hamm, Bruce’s Yams

"It’s been wonderful to make a personal connection with other moms and represent a brand that’s a great fit with this group of women. I feel like they can be a wonderful personal advocate for this brand. I’ve been really impressed with the bloggers I’ve met and it’s been great to have face-to-face with these women and you feel like you can really get to know them and how they can represent you." –Annie Hamm, Bruce’s Yams (WOW Summit 2017)

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Sarah Syed,CV Sciences

"This is an incredible event, moms are the decision makers of the family and as a supplement brand we really want to make sure we're connecting with people who have influence within the nutrition aspect of their home. Everyone is really excited which is awesome, people are really interested in taking charge of their health. The attendance is awesome and everyone is energized, they’re excited to learn more about products that can be beneficial to them and we’re excited to be here. –Sarah Syed,CV Sciences (WOW Summit 2017)

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Mark Mallardi, general manager of AMARUMAYU

“Thank you and your team for a fantastic Virtual WOW Summit experience, and for your care and attention to ensure that we realized the greatest value from the event! It was of great benefit to AMARUMAYU on numerous levels.” – Mark Mallardi, general manager of AMARUMAYU (Virtual WOW Summit 2021)

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Caroline McDougal, founder of Teeccino

We really had a great Virtual WOW Summit and enjoyed all the bloggers we met. Everyone was very pleased with the outcome of the show. Plus, both our videos got lots of enthusiastic comments so I’m glad they were so well received.” – Caroline McDougal, founder of Teeccino (Virtual WOW Summit 2021)

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Marci Zaroff, Good Catch Foods

“We’re so excited to be at this event with so many passionate and excited moms. We’ve seen an amazing response from moms and we’re so proud and excited to be here.” – Marci Zaroff, Good Catch Foods (WOW Summit 2018)