United in Our Mission to Bring
Moms Together

WOW Events are hosted and organized by Moms Meet (momsmeet.com), a community that connects and empowers health-minded moms. Through online events, educational content, product sampling opportunities, and more, Moms Meet reaches hundreds of thousands of moms throughout the United States and Canada. The Moms Meet community helps moms (and also dads, grandparents…) come together to share information, product reviews, resources, and inspiration to raise happy, healthy families. With a mission to bring better-for-you products in the natural, organic, non-GMO, eco, educational, and allergy-free markets to our audience, Moms Meet helps parents make better choices for their families. To learn more about Moms Meet and to join this community for free, visit momsmeet.com/join.

About the Moms Meet WOW Summit

This powerful two-day annual event, held in different locations each year, is filled with inspiration and education. Join hundreds of moms, mom bloggers, and influencers committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. You’ll discover better-for-you products in the Exhibit Hall, attend educational workshops, and hear from inspirational speakers. Plus, attendees will have the chance to win prizes and take home goody bags filled with amazing products worth over $250! Day one is for mom bloggers and influencers, while day two is open to all parents.

Moms Meet WOW Influencer Events

WOW Influencers connects better-for-you brands with established mom bloggers and social media influencers in an intimate and relaxed networking setting. Over cocktails and light fare, brands and bloggers will have the opportunity to get to know each other, forge connections, and kickstart long lasting relationships. These events are perfect for anyone looking for the right partner to collaborate with on content creation, product reviews, and marketing campaigns.

Parents trust KIWI to help them raise their children and enjoy their lives in the healthiest way possible. They also know that KIWI is ahead of the curve when it comes to a better-for-you lifestyle, so they can count on our trusted brand and initiatives to sift through and provide only the best news, advice, and products. KIWI understands that achieving the right balance between the ideal world and the real world can be difficult, so readers never feel scolded, only supported. KIWI helps parents make the best choices about health, food, home life, and more, so they can feel good about their families and the future.